Stay Hydrated

It’s so important to stay Hydrated that Dr Greger includes drinking water in his “daily dozen”. I typically have a water bottle with me wherever I go. Yes, sometimes I might leave it in the car rather than carrying it into a store. But bringing it along assures I am able to stay hydrated.

We prefer the stainless steel double walled reusable bottles. These are good for the environment because there is no waste if plastic going into a landfill. The double walled design keeps the water cold longer. This is espe important in the hot Texas summers where you wouldn’t want to drink water that is hot in a plastic bottle.

You can buy these double walled reusable water bottles at many places. We have 40oz bottles that we like that we got “two for $20” at Costco. Of course you could also go for a Yeti, or go to Walmart and get aomeojust as good for a fraction of the price.

We also invested in a water filter for our kitchen. The one we for mounts under the sink and has a faucet to dispense the water. It cost roughly $149 on Amazon.

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