Welcome to the Journey!

Welcome to Journey to One Hundred and Beyond! We have started this site to share our journey to lose 100 combined pounds as husband and wife. We wanted to document our journey with hopes that it might inspire others to not just lose weight but also live longer healthier lives.

You see the journey is not meant to end once we’ve lost 100 pounds. That’s the point of beyond. Ultimately the two of us will lose more than 100 pounds. We already know of several others who have been inspired. One has lost 35 pounds and another 20 pounds. Like us their journey is just getting started.

This is not just about weight loss. Weight loss is just the visible sign of the healthier you. Following a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle is also shown to improve blood work, reduce risk of cancer and other devasting diseases.

As we live longer and healthier as a result of our food choices today the thought of live to 100 and beyond becomes conceivable as well. My grandfather lived to be 97. While that is a good long life it shocked us because he had been planning his 100th birthday at least since he turned 90. While my mom and dad lived 83 and 75 years respectively and lifespans tend to be getting shorter there is still not reason to believe living to 100 and beyond while being healthy and of sound mind would not be out of the question.

So welcome! Join us on the journey. To one hundred and beyond!

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