Grow Your Own Herbs

As I’ve gotten into the Whole Food

Plant Based lifestyle I’ve started using a lot more fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. I started making smoothies for breakfast. One suggested ingredient is mint. I found that buying mint at the story seemed a little pricey. So my wife went to the nursery and found that we could get a plant amfor the price of one pack of mint at the store. We planted it in a small pot. And eventually added “chocolate mint” and another variety (which I don’t know the name of). There are now four mint plants growing in the pot. Each morning I use siscors to cut 4-5 inches of fresh mint right off the plant and put it directly into the blender (after rinsing) with the ingredients for my smoothie.

The result is delicious fresh tasting smoothie.

There are many uses for mint. For example I started putting a few springs of mint into the water bottle I use daily. The mint flavor of the water is very refreshing.

There are a number of herbs you can easily grow yourself at home. It’s fun to grow them and is something you could do with your family.

Currently we have mint, basil and a bay leaf tree that needs to grow for about a year before it will produce leaves we can use to cook with!

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