Tofu Scramble

This morning I made a tofu scramble for breakfast. It contains a mix of chopped veggies including squash, zucchini, bell peppers, onion and broccoli.

First I chopped veggies.

Then I put some water with vegetable broth into a pan over high heat.

And then added the veggies.

Let this cook for five minutes or so.

Then add your desired spices. Today I went with tumeric, black pepper and an organic spice blend from Costco.

Continue to mix and saute.

I took a whole 16oz block of organic farm tofu.

And chopped it up into small squares.

Then added it to the veggies being sauted.

While this cooked I prepared a bed of greens on plates.

To make it easy and get a mix of greens today I’m using the power greens from Costco. You could also use spinich or kale or a mix.

Add the sauteed tofu scramble on top.

At the table I topped it with salsa and nutritional yeast.

I suggest you experiment with the spices, veggies and porportions to flavor it to your taste. I think the scamblen would also go well in a taco shell. So maybe tomorrow I’ll have tacos for breakfast with the leftovers!

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